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Greens/EFA & EMAS: Let's green the European Parliament!


The Greens/EFA group has pushed for Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) policies since the very beginning, with Dutch Green MEP Kathalijne Buitenweg acting as rapporteur of the EMAS Regulation back in 2001.  But what has been achieved so far?  The group has combined tireless lobbying and awareness raising in the European Parliament with practical steps internally in an attempt to lead by example. With the help of EMAS several decisions have been taken over the years and most of them have already begun to bear fruit.  

Today, after much hard work and almost 10 years of intensive lobbying by the Greens/ EFA group, another of these decisions has been implemented - the 'Mobility point' has finally been inaugurated.

This special desk, situated opposite the main entrance of the ASP building, will promote and provide information on the most sustainable means of transport in Brussels and its surroundings. While most of this information is currently only focusing on visitors, Parliament staff and its Members, the Greens hope that the initiative will catch the attention of both decision makers and the general public. You can read more about the opening and urban mobility on our Stop Climate Change blog



The Greens/EFA Working group on EMAS continues to push for more initiatives such as energy efficiency in buildings, the use of green electricity, a reduction in travel, the upgrading of technical facilities to encourage video conferencing, double sided printing and automatic switch off of unused devices, as well as recycling, separation of waste and the reductions in the use of water, electricity and paper. We would also like to see greater green procurement of food in the canteen of the European Parliament.

You can read more about our achievements and continuing efforts on these pages.

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