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European Parliament united in defence of fundamental rights

The European Parliament has approved a report on the Situation of Fundamental Rights in the EU in 2015, with the Greens/EFA Group voting in favour. Three of the four amendments presented by the Greens/EFA Group were approved.

Following the vote, MEP Josep-Maria Terricabras, spokesperson on the subject for the Greens/EFA, said:

"There are still many attacks on the freedoms, rights and values upon which Europe is based. Our objective in this report has been to protest against the violation of human rights in asylum and migration, in respect of social and economic rights, of the rights of minorities and of linguistic rights, as well as LGBTI rights and women's rights amongst others.

"Since 2007, the social and economic crisis has been devastating. With 60 million forcibly displaced persons in the world, the situation around migration must continue to be a priority for the EU.

"Moreover, we are seeing a notable increase in racist and xenophobic incidents which once more highlight the difficulty in finding the right relationship between security and liberty.

"This isn't our report but it mostly takes on board our group's main concerns. That's why we voted in favour."

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