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In each committee, the Greens/EFA have appointed their own Member coordinator.

The coordinators play an important role by preparing - together with the relevant staff - the discussion, the Group position as well as the Group voting orientation on the issues dealt with in the corresponding committee. And at a later in the plenary session.



Foreign Affairs (AFET)

Barbara Lochbihler
Tamas Meszerics

Agriculture (AGRI)

Martin Häusling

Budgets (BUDG)

Indrek Tarand

Culture & Education (CULT)

Helga Trüpel

Development (DEVE)

Maria Heubuch

Economic & Monetary Affairs (ECON)

Sven Giegold

Employment & Social Affairs (EMPL)

Jean Lambert

Environment, Public Health & Food safety (ENVI)

Bas Eickhout

Internal Market & Consumer Protection (IMCO)

Julia Reda

International Trade (INTA)

Yannick Jadot

Industry, Research & Energy (ITRE)

Claude Turmes

Legal Affairs (JURI)

Heidi Hautala

Civil Liberties, Justice & Home Affairs (LIBE)

Judith Sargentini

Fisheries (PECH)

Linnéa Engström

Regional development (REGI)

Monika Vana

Transport & Tourism (TRAN)

Karima Delli

Constitutional Affairs (AFCO)

Pascal Durand

Budgetary Control  (CONT)

Bart Staes

Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI)

Barbara Lochbihler

Women's Rights & Gender Equality (FEMM)

Terry Reintke
Ernest Urtasun

Petitions (PETI)

Margrete Auken

Subcommittee Security & Defence (SEDE)

Bodil Valero

Committee of Inquiry Emissions Measurements in the automotive sector (EMIS)

Bas Eickhout

Money laundering, tax avoidance and tax evasion (PANA)

Sven Giegold